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Proximity Philippines gets new digital director

Manny Nepomuceno, Digital Director, Proximity

To continue strengthening its position as the most successful digital agency in Philippines, Proximity Philippines has appointed Manny Nepomuceno as digital director. Nepomuceno has a long standing experience in the digital marketing space.

On the new appointment, Tony Harris, chief executive of BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines, said, “He (Nepomuceno) has a wonderful ability of making the complex appear simple and unlike so many in his field of expertise, never lapses to jargon nor relies on sweeping generalities. He is an excellent operator and just the man we need as our digital capabilities become ever more important in our client relationships”.

Manny Nepomuceno joins Proximity Phillippines from Campaigns Grey where he was the head of digital marketing practice. Prior to Campaigns Grey he worked at Netbooster Asia as their head of CRM and Web Analytics. Nepomuceno is co-founder and co-organizer of MobileMondays Manila, a telco-neutral organization devoted to the growth of mobile marketing in the country. He is also a digital marketing instructor and resource person for IMMAP’s Certified Digital Marketing Program.

Talking about his new role, Manny Nepomuceno said, “ I am thrilled to be joining an agency as successful as Proximity. Not only are they great performers locally but as a network, their reputation is second to none. Whilst many agencies talk the talk about wanting to be integrated and digitally-savvy, Proximity genuinely walks the walk – for them integration is a standard response to a client brief”.

The company has developed award-winning integrated campaigns with its sister agency, BBDO Guerrero for accounts such as Pepsi and Bayan Telecommunications. Over the last four years Proximity Philippines has been the most awarded digital agency at the IMMAP Boomerang awards.

Adopting the new order

It’s the New Year, and recollecting the last 12 months we see what a year it’s been! Dictators have been brought to their knees, natural disasters have devastated lives, citizens have spoken up in ways we’ve not seen before and leaders continue to miss the point about the digital age and what it means to the success of their business, their brand and their relationships with the customers – internal and external. In Singapore specifically – the recent SMRT debacle is again another reflection of how existing senior leaders try to hold on to power and not recognize how power, information and control have been democratized. Like I said before and will say it again – the power is in the hands of the consumer. Leaders of all ages – must start to understand the need to engage and not to control in today’s participative economy.

Moving forward – things aren’t going to get easier. The rate of innovation will continue to accelerate. And the scale of online activity will continue to get more mind boggling. Just picture – there are 635,000 Facebook updates a minute. The year ahead will be full of twists and turns. Businesses will be challenged at the speed at which information flows (good and bad) and so will our friends in the public sector. So what should leaders do? How can they cope? Where should they go for help? Here are some quick thoughts that I thought I would share as we enter 2012.

1.       Admit, Acknowledge and Embrace – social media has changed the way businesses engage with consumers and consumers in return engage with businesses. It’s not just about B to C but it’s also about C to B. You can run but you can’t hide.

2.       Get back to basics – it’s literally about putting the customer first. Only this time recognize that your customer has the control; and not you… to a large extent. Once you understand that, start the engagement process.

3.       Get the right help for your org – simple? Understand your gaps.

    • Does your existing process allow you to engage in an optimal fashion?
    • Do you know what your customers are saying about your brand, your product, your service, etc….and do you know if what they are saying is influencing your marketing, your service, your engagement, your product development, etc…
    • You need to identify the right help. One clue – be sure the company/person that helps you has actually done this before i.e. been there and done that. It’s not just about advice, but about advice based on experience. Credentials matter.

4.       Get the right help for you – if you’re a business leader, get a coach. Someone experienced and someone who can help you evolve your mental model on how you embrace Social. It’s going to be the best money you’ve spent in a long time. Making the leap is not easy but essential.

5.       Be genuine. Your EQ in how you do this as a company is as important as the IQ you apply. Be genuine, authentic and honest. Remember, your customer today has a voice – faceless or otherwise he or she is empowered to call you on your BS.

Sony goes digital to launch slimmest camera

In order to introduce what it claims as the world’s slimmest camera with diverse functions, Sony has launched an integrated digital campaign for its new Cyber-shot TX55 camera. The marketing campaign is called “Seven Picture Effects Challenge” and is running in Thailand and Singapore till 18th January 2012.

According to the company the campaign, developed by Inet Channel, features a three minute video and online and social media content. This multichannel campaign includes traditional, web, and viral marketing elements across digital platforms; as well as display ads on portals such as Yahoo, MSN and Thai-language portal Sanook.

The campaign calls on consumers to select a picture on the camera’s Facebook page, and then they can apply the “Picture Effects” feature to the image to get different results. Sony is also putting up this feature as a Facebook app for all consumers. The seven effects available are HDR painting, rich-tone monochrome, ‘miniature’, ‘toy camera’, ‘pop colour’, partial color and soft high-key.

Sony has also designed the a competition within this campaign where the winner can get Cyber-shot TX55 and a BOYY bag, worth US$1160. For this  once the person creates a picture using the effects, he or she needs to share this Facebook app with at least seven friends and get seven “hearts” for their picture. The winner will be announced by Sony on 1st February 2012 based on the relevance of the photo to the type of picture effects applied, and the accompanying caption submitted.